Commonly Asked Questions and Answers


How long do I get access to the venue?

You get access to the property starting at 8:00 A.M. until midnight on the day of your rental for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday's and from 8:00 A.M. until 10:00 P.M on weekdays. We do not allow early access to the venue on non-rental days.

What is your catering policy?

For group sizes over 60 guests, you will need to hire professional catering service or vendor. You can chose your preferred caterer or licensed vendor. 

What is your alcohol policy?

If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you must hire a professional  bar service. No exceptions. This includes having just a few open coolers of beer, a small wine bar, a keg, or a full open bar and mixed drinks. We have pre-approved local bar services to choose from. Arrangements and costs are negotiated directly with the bar service. The approximate cost for the bar service starts at $275, plus the cost of alcohol. There are different optional additional services that each bar service offers for extra fees. You cannot charge guests money for alcohol served at Cedaridge as that would require a liquor license. 

We will need to know at least 30 days in advance of your rental date to confirm with the bar service that they are scheduled for your event. If we find that you are serving alcohol to your guests without using one of our pre-approved bar services at your event, you will forfeit your $500 damage/security deposit.

Koon's Saloon Mobile Bar Service. Mike Koon. (479) 966-5993

What is your decoration policy?

You can decorate both indoors and outdoors. We do not allow any holes to be made in the walls, ceilings, or wood structures. This includes push pin type holes also. Tape should not be used on the floors, walls, or ceilings. We also do not allow glitter type decorations as the glitter is very messy and difficult to clean. You can use removable 3M type command strips or other non marking, non damaging types of hanging fasteners, or use what is already installed by us. You must have all of your decorations removed along with personal items at the end of the stated rental period. If damage to the furniture or property is discovered after your event, we will deduct the cost to professionally repair the damage or replace the items from your damage/excess cleaning security deposit. 

Your Rental Equipment and Check Out TIme

You must have all of your decorations removed along with all personal items at the end of the stated rental period. Any rental equipment items should be removed from both the indoor and outdoor areas of the venue by midnight. Any remaining items left overnight will be discarded or stored (if the property of a rental company), and we will deduct from your security/excess cleaning deposit the cost of handling these items. We are not responsible for damaged, misplaced items, or returning your rental equipment, linens or other items owned by another rental company or vendor. 

Do you provide Table linens?

No, we do not provide table linens or chair covers. You will need to rent those from a local vendor. 

Do you have wireless internet?

Yes, we have high speed wireless internet throughout the venue. 

What size are your tables and Chairs?

Tables: We have two standard sizes of tables. 60 inch round tables and 6 foot long rectangular tables. All of our tables are white in color.

Chairs: Our folding chairs are 20 in. L x 18 in. W x 34 in. H. All of our chairs are white in color.

How many Tables and Chairs do you provide?

We can provide up to 28 of our 60 in. round tables; up to 9 of the 6 ft. rectangle tables. 

How many people can fit per table? 

You can seat up to 8 guests per table. Ideally 6 or 7 is the most comfortable.

Can we use your tables and chairs outdoors?

No, we do not allow our tables and chairs to be used outdoors on the lawn for any reason. You may use them on the concrete patio only. A deduction from the damage/excess cleaning deposit will be assessed if chairs or tables are dirty from outdoor lawn use. 

What is included with the rental of the outdoor Ceremony Site?

We rent the designated outdoor ceremony space and the use of our cedar pergola for $500. We will provide up to 100 white padded folding garden chairs for that area and set them up for you. 

What group sizes are allowed?

We can accommodate 225 guests with our tables and chairs in the main hall. The max group size allowed is 300 people. For group sizes over 60, you must provide professional catering services if you are serving food at your event. If we find that you are exceeding the maximum capacity of 300 guests you will forfeit your $500 damage security deposit. 

How do we connect to the HD Projector and Sound?

We provide a standard HDMI cable that will connect to most modern laptops to go to the projector. We do provide a few adaptors for Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and laptops. (HDMI, USB-C AV to HDMI, Mini Display-HDMI). We cannot accommodate every type, so you should make sure that you have what is needed to connect your device to our HDMI cable. The audio connects using a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

Do you allow flame candles or sparklers?

Yes, if you plan to have flame candles, they need to be placed in a safe display container and wax must not remain on furniture, walls, or floors. You can use sparklers outdoors on paved surfaces only, but doors and windows must be closed so that smoke does not get inside the building. If smoke damage occurs, an $250 smoking damage fee will be deducted from your deposit. 

Do you provide parking?

Yes, there is plenty of free parking onsite at Cedaridge. We have a long double entrance asphalt driveway and large grass parking area that is lighted.

Do you allow cars parked overnight?

Yes, we do allow you to leave cars parked overnight. They must be moved by 10:00 A.M. the next day. 

Do you do half day rentals or discount for short events?

No, we do not allow for half day bookings or give discount for short events. Most events at Cedaridge require many hours to set up, decorate and prepare for the event, in addition to the hours of cleaning and resetting of the venue by our staff. We only schedule one event per day and charge the regular rate for the day no matter the length of the event. 

Is Cedaridge a smoke free facility?

All indoor spaces at Cedaridge are non-smoking only. We provide ash trays on patio, and smoking is allowed on the outdoor patio or lawn areas. If smoking occurs indoors, we will deduct $250 smoke damage fee from your damage/excess cleaning deposit.